About Jsquare

Jsquare is a crypto investment and advisory company, aiming to be the top tier investment institution in the blockchain industry. We focus on empowering future Alpha, especially NFT, GameFi and Metaverse projects in mid-long term, and have set up a dedicated NFT fund with $30M. We keep supporting those who have a big vision and long-term dedication to build great products. Since our announcement in Aug. 2021, we’ve already had a solid portfolio of 50+ projects, including industry-leading projects such as CoinList, 3iQ, Efinity, Big Time, Iron Sail, RMRK, Bit.Country, among others. Currently we have assets under management of over $150M.

Our Team

James Wo

Co-founder, Chairman & CIO

Joanna Liang

Co-founder, CEO

Grace Gui


Cheng Zhang

Technical Advisor

James Wo

Co-founder, Chairman & CIO

James is an experienced entrepreneur and investor in the digital assets space who founded DFG in 2015, where he oversees over $1 billion assets under management. He is an early investor in companies like LedgerX, Coinlist, Circle, 3iQ. James is also an early investor and supporter of Polkadot and Kusama Network. He contributes substantially to the ecosystem through capital allocation, donations and actively supporting the Parachain Auctions. Additionally James serves as the board and committee member of Chamber of Digital Commerce and acts as Chairman at UAE Licensed Matrix Exchange.

Contact Us

We are always on the lookout for promising industry infrastructure and business solutions. If you are looking for investment or partnership, please contact us to discuss about your business proposals.



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