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“Backing Visionary Entrepreneurs, Crafting Lasting Legacies”

-Joanna Liang

Jsquare is a research and tech-driven investment firm focused on facilitating blockchain mass adoption, and empowering future Alpha in Web3. Currently we are self-funded with AUM over $150M.

Joanna Liang


Backing Visionary Creators, Crafting Lasting Legacies. We serve as the bridge between East and West, guiding innovation and forging enduring partnerships across global frontiers, with partners in US, Europe, UAE, Japan, Korea, ASEAN and abroad.


We are the heartbeat of Asia, extending our reach globally to seamlessly connect continents. Our mission is to provide driven, comprehensive services that penetrate regional markets, uniting the world through innovation and collaboration.


Invest in undiscovered Alpha of Web3, forstering mass adoption. Invest in Tencent or Alibaba in web3, championing their journey towards widespread.

Post-investment services are the most effective means to capture unicorns

Our team possesses extensive industry expertise and strong partnerships with VCs, leading exchanges, wallets, launchpads, media, communities, KOLs, market makers, liquidity providers, and developer communities. We prioritize post-investment service and utilize our Web2 & Web3 resources to empower our portfolio.


A Central Hub Connecting Asian and Global Markets

Jsquare leverages its robust resource network and strategic position in Asia to act as a central hub for global business and cultural exchanges. We help Asian projects enter international markets and support global projects in localizing in Asia, ensuring smooth adaptation to different cultures and markets.


A distributed Network in Key Web3 trendy regions Across the Globe

Jsquare is strategically positioned in key Web3 regions globally, with local partners and a focus on Asia, North America, France, Singapore, and the UAE. We leverage extensive partnerships and deep market insights to stay at the forefront of Web3 innovation, identify cutting-edge projects, and facilitate their expansion across markets.


Service-oriented Mindset

At Jsquare, we provide ongoing support and guidance to our portfolio companies beyond financial investment. Our team offers tailored advice and access to a wide network of industry experts and strategic partners, ensuring our investments are strategically positioned for long-term growth and innovation.

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