We believe that blockchain and Web3.0 will become mainstream in the near future, and our investment strategy is to invest in the prospective cornerstones of future mainstream applications. Therefore, we adopt a relatively robust investment approach, that is, invest in first-class teams in the most promising sectors, and keep track of the macro development and trend changes of the whole industry.


3iQ is Canada’s largest digital asset investment fund manager of BTC and ETH with more than C$2.5 billion in assets.

Artory is the leading art and objects Registry, utilizing blockchain technology.

Big Time is a multiplayer action RPG that makes collectable NFTs accessible to everyone.

Bit.Country is a platform for user-created Metaverses & games with opportunities to earn.

CoinList is where you get access to the best new tokens before they list on other exchanges.

Cryptoart.Ai is Asia's largest cryptoart trading market for you to sell and collect authentic artworks.

DeHorizon is an interactive and decentralized Metaverse game ecosystem.

Efinity is a cross-chain NFT blockchain developed by Enjin on Polkadot.

With GSN, the Ethereum Gas Station Network, DApp users can interact with Ethereum contracts without needing ETH for transaction fees.

Kawaii Islands is a fantastic play-to-earn game, which creates a fantasy universe on the cloud for multi-players.

Kibo is a multistage option protocol allowing trades on virtually any underlying asset and bespoke series (cryptocurrencies, stocks, gold).

Ledgity redesigns wealth management through an intuitive, secure and transparent financial services platform, opening new investment horizons.

Mintable is a community controlled NFT marketplace, which can create & trade NFTs easily in seconds.

Building programmable assets and automating investor strategies on Solana.

OP Games aims to be the center of Web3 gaming, with a vibrant and growing community of developers, players, and game owners.

A community driven DAO creating the next era of multi-chain DeFi.

PolkaPets will be the first-ever digital collectible card game that features Polkadot projects in an interactive and immersive gameplay.

Rivet is the best blockchain gate way as cloud-based Ethereum APIs.

RMRK is a set of NFT legos that give NFTs infinite extensibility, hosted on the Kusama blockchain, without the need for parachains or smart contracts.

Comprehensive DeFi insurance that protects users and secures protocols.

Incentivised data flows for Web3 data solutions.

A community-owned wallet built for a multi-chain future.

Unique Network is a scalable blockchain for composable NFTs with advanced economies — The NFT chain built for Polkadot and Kusama.

zCloak Network provides Zero-Knowledge Proof as a Service for the Polkadot Network.

Zien is a gateway to art, realizing Art x NFTs via WhatsApp.

Our Orientation

Focused Areas

We focus on investing in developed CeFi service providers, blockchain and Web3.0 infrastructure, and highly adoptable projects.

Preferred Teams

We believe that the core team of first-rate projects should have the following qualities: entrepreneurial personalities, solid technical background, rich industry experience or knowledge, and efficient execution capabilities.

Investment Types

We adopt both equity investment and token investment.

Investment Scale

We are deeply committed to our portfolio, therefore we are willing to lead the investment and are able to provide millions of dollars in top tier projects. Our starting amount is generally 200,000 U.S. dollars.

Contact Us

We are always on the lookout for promising industry infrastructure and business solutions. If you are looking for investment or partnership, please contact us to discuss about your business proposals.



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