Jsquare empowers first-class projects. Based on years of experience being immersed in the industry, we know that high-quality projects need support and time to grow in order to thrive. Jsquare provides both. In addition to investment, we offer a suite of B2B services for promising companies, including incubation, financial advisory, fundraising, trading brokerage, and joint mining.

Our Business

Financial Advisory

We provide strategic advice to help develop the project’s economic model, including tokenomics, sustainable revenue streams, business and community development, financing, and token listings.


We invest in promising projects at all stages, often leading the investment round. As an investor, we also help secure investment from other firms, ranging from millions to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Trading Brokerage

We can provide liquidity for tokens and conduct large transactions on the OTC market.

Joint Mining

We can provide docking services for miners and project parties, and participate in joint mining on multiple chains.


Contact Us

We are always on the lookout for promising industry infrastructure and business solutions. If you are looking for investment or partnership, please contact us to discuss about your business proposals.



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